Our Values

We aim to provide transformative learning experiences which develop our young people through curricular and extra-curricular provision, preparing them for “the fullness of life”. We call this the “Be More Curriculum” (from Oscar Romero’s ‘Aspire not to have more but to be more’). Each student, in aspiring to be more, will be given many opportunities to reflect upon their own character and develop positive personal strengths known as virtues. 

In doing this, students learn how to respond well to the challenges they face in everyday life. We believe that educating students about moral virtues will allow them to act in an ethical manner.

Key to the Trust’s approach is a shared understanding of the philosophical values that drive our work, namely:










We apply our skills and resources to this philosophy, offering life skills of lasting value to our students. We firmly believe that our students deserve the opportunity to develop and realise their talents, aspirations and true potential and are so inspired to achieve and follow their chosen career and life path. We expect all our students to undertake a series of ongoing challenges, at different stages that are designed to demonstrate the key life skills of: 

Leadership– students are taught to understand the meaning of leadership and are given opportunities to apply it to their own lives. As part of our ethical leadership programme, students learn how the power of leadership can change lives and are given appropriate challenges to demonstrate this. 

Organisation– students are taught to become organised and are given opportunities to demonstrate this when identifying the steps towards successful completion of an activity or project.

Resilience– students are taught to recognise and experience that hard work, persistence and effort yield results. 

Initiative – students are taught to think independently and are given opportunities to gain new experiences that enable them to use their imagination and common sense.

Communication– students are taught to communicate effectively, and to realise the importance of this. 

Throughout their time at one of our academies, each student will progress through their relevant “Be More” programme, which has been creatively designed to enable them to learn and grow in a mixture of caught and taught approaches. All FFET academies will provide students with a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular activities, aimed at developing skills and attributes linked to supporting British values.