The Frank Field Education Trust (FFET) is a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) formed with the explicit intention of delivering world-class education: academic excellence, a rich curriculum and wider opportunities to all children, including the most disadvantaged in our society, to promote social justice. The opportunity to have the significant backing of the Frank Field Education Trust as a formal partner is exciting and will enable schools to flourish. As an Academy within the Frank Field Education Trust, schools will particularly benefit from the Trust's access to services that will improve the support we can offer to all pupils and families and also from the opportunity to work with like-minded people who want the best for children and young people in Cheshire and the North West.

The Frank Field Education Trust is recognised by the Department for Education as a sponsor. This means the Trust has given a commitment to support academies facing all types of challenge, including educational standards and financial viability. Our growth model will be around establishing local hubs within the Lancashire & West Yorkshire and West Midlands RSC regions which will provide education from 3-18 and also include support from birth to 3.

It is our intention in the short term to develop our growth model to enable our Social Justice strategy to be fully implemented, and wherever possible we will look to bring primary and secondary schools into the Trust that are partner schools with geographic links to existing academies in the Trust.We are particularly keen to use our expertise in the primary and secondary sector to support academies in need and would welcome the opportunity to grow more quickly in the across sectors if a suitable project became available.

 It is anticipated that in order to be in a position to benefit from economies of scale, to be financially viable, and to continue to have a significant educational impact in a number of schools, FFET will need to work towards having total student number of between 3,000-5,000 pupils (which is likely to be between 5 and 10 schools, of all phases and sizes). This growth must also be carefully managed to incorporate schools with significant improvement capacity, as well as schools which are vulnerable at the point of entry into the Trust.